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This is a small, mysterious game I am continuously working on to find out how hard it is to create a game itself. And it is hard! I do this for fun, self education, brain training and to constantly torture everyone person I know with requests for bugtesting >:C (*no kidding*)... With dedication for my friends xD


How to install:


  • click download
  • navigate to "Stable" folder, right-click single desired .ZIP file archive and select "Download" from context menu
  • unpack downloaded archive off the .ZIP file archive wherever you like, run the game by it's main executable (Sarah.exe).




  • "WASD" to move
  • "SPACE" to jump
  • hold "LSHIFT" to crouch (animation not finished)
  • hold "LALT" button to sprint
  • press "MOUSE SCROLL" to turn head flashlight on/off
  • please press "Q button" instead of "ESC button" for in-game menu (temporary for development)
  • try to find rest of keypads :3


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

Sarah.zip 130 MB


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It's an interesting demo.

Not sure I understand what's going on though.

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Indeed Iwan, for now, there is nothing happening, current game is mostly only about GUI, system mechanics like working physics, saving system, working character, camera headbob possibilities, footsteps for example. There are many things going to be created. There is someone who would like to say hi too:

So we say hi, we are there and we are preparing something slightly more interesting than only this so far. Stay tuned! :)

Edit: after billion times trying to fix the video link it works now :)

1. paste link, do nothing else

2. press enter/return

does that work?

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Now it does. I seen you were quite confused by the game, its ok. As I am alone and a normal daily working man, development is very slow. How do you like the AI? :D

The AI is not bad but a bit obvious. You can use Audacity or sox (automated) to make the voice more cyborg like if that's what you'd like.

Thank you for your suggestion, it looks interesting and I have an idea how to incorporate some options!